Meet the Band (that Cousin Dave says, "This is the best band I have ever heard")

Craig Pruett- Drums/Vocals

Craig Pruett started his career in music in the early 90s as a founding member of the Christian Contemporary group "the Vocal Boyz". As part of that group, Craig has played on some of the most notable stages in music today, including the Grand Ole Opry. In In January 1995, Craig also played a part in receiving 1st Place in the Nashville Starbound Competition as a vocalist. 

For the next 20 years, Craig was part of multiple praise and worship bands that enabled him to gravitate toward percussions and drums. In 2015, Craig rejoined former band member, Robert Abernathy as an Acoustic Duo and began playing one of the most diverse playlists around as a Cajon Drummer.

In 2017 Craig moved from atop the drum to keyboard/percussionist and vocals.  His unique sound t has enabled the Robert Abernathy Band to reach new levels. In addition to Craig's superior ability to wow audiences with his skillset, he also has a knack for song-writing. With influences from Journey, Brian McKnight, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Garth Brooks... there is a sense of diversity in his unique style

Corbin Camp-Bass/Harmonica

Corbin Camp grew up in a military family in the 1980s and 90s where he was involved in various music projects developing a love for steel strings in everything from funk to country to metal and classic rock. While an Auburn student in the 90s, he started playing harmonica as a part of a local acoustic duo.

After years of being a hobbyist musician, Corbin added the bass guitar to his repertoire when he joined the Robert Abernathy Band in 2016. He currently lives in Hoover, AL with his wife and three kids living the dream one groove at a time.